Our model of care is based on a fear free and convenient, yet thorough practice style. We like to call it concierge medicine because its shaped specifically to suit your pets’ individual needs and to be easy for you. We see only 4-5 clients per day which allows us freedom to be thorough in our analysis, in our services, as well as in our client education.

We offer this added benefit of extended appointment times as a norm, bringing thoughtful thorough care at each step in the process of optimizing your pets’ health. Your vet will stick with your family throughout the lifetime of our relationship. If a decision is made to partner with any one (or more) of our special consultants, the care will always include your vet as a constant. In this way, your pets’ care builds on the foundation of knowledge established by your veterinary partner and your veterinary partner thereby assures continuity of care.

At Vitality Vet, we know it is hard to achieve excellent pet health without a dedicated health partner who takes the time to get to know your furry family members and is circumspect in examining and addressing your health concerns. That’s why Vitality Vet is different. From the first visit, our personalized style will deliver an experience that rivals the brick and mortar vet clinic and hospital practice models common today.

Working as your partner in pet health, your pet’s vet will develop a unique, tailored, and comprehensive wellness plan that delivers in-depth knowledge to you as the pet parent and empowers you in the pursuit of excellence in health care for your pet

Also unique to our practice model is the distance medicine we practice. We call it telemedicine though we use a video model through Skype or FaceTime as we prefer a more visual approach. This allows us to check in with you anywhere on the planet (as long as you have internet of course). We have had great success with this style of practice over the past eight years. ( It has recently even been embraced by the DEA!) That success is based on the science revealed by Einstein and some later theorists. The unified field theory states many technical and complex facts. But the work of these great and revered scientists have shown in conclusion; energy and therefore healing, is not limited by or bound by time and space. Also, that through the energy field, whether physical or virtual, the information about one’s health is readily accessible. Equally available in the opposite way, pets are able to receive information through their fields, even at a distance. Therefore healing can be assessed and directed, remotely. While this may come as a surprising fact to many of us humans, pets are naturally tuned to these energies and usually respond very well to healing through their field.

p.s. If we think about the amazing skills of some service dogs, for example knowing a seizure will happen way before it does, or smelling disease in their humans, or even the way so many animals fled from low-lying areas in India and Thailand, to higher elevations, way before there were any tangible changes along the coast, during the 2005 Tsunami; we can see palpable evidence of their awareness and tuned in-ness to field events, even if subtle!